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The process of re-keying a lock

The process of re-keying a lock is very simple. The locksmith removes all of the pins from the cylinder. Then, drawing from a collection of replacement pins of various sizes, the locksmith selects new lower pins that fit perfectly between the notches of the key and the shear line. This way, when you insert the new key, the lower pins will push all the upper pins just above the shear line, allowing the cylinder to turn freely. (This process may vary depending on the particular design of the lock.) It doesn't matter how long the upper pins are (since they all rest above the shear line when the key is inserted), so the locksmith simply re-inserts the six original upper pins that came with the lock. And that's all there is to re-keying. The entire process takes only a few minutes. Master keys are an interesting technology somewhat related to lock picking (because they're means of getting past locks without the main key). Some locks are designed to work with two different keys. The change key will open only that specific lock, while the master key will open that lock and several others in a group. In these locks, a few of the pin pairs are separated by a third pin called a master wafer or spacer. When three pins are combined in a shaft, there are two ways to position the pins so they open the lock. The change key might raise the pins so that the shear line is just above the top of the master wafer, while the master key would raise the pins so the shear line is at the bottom of the master wafer. In both cases, there is a gap at the shear line and the key is able to turn. In this lock design, the lowest pin would be the same length in each lock in the group, but the master wafer would vary in length. This lets one person, say a building manager, access many different locks, while each individual key-holder can open only his or her own lock.

Vancouver, BC Residential Locksmith Services

- Emergency lockout/opening
- Service/install/repair/upgrade all types and
  brands of keys, locks & safes.
- Key making
Re-key locks
- Master System key
Keyless Entry

Vancouver, BC Commercial Locksmith Services

- Emergency lockout/opening
- Service/install/repair/upgrade all types
   and brands of Keys, Locks & Safes..
- Key making, rekeying, master system key.
- Instalall/repair Panic hardware
   & door accessories
- Master System key & electronic locks.

Vancouver,Automotive Locksmith Services

- Car lockout/opening
- install/repair/upgrade all types
   of Auto Keys or Locks
- Key making, rekeying.
ignition repair & rekey (on site)

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Our Services Include
  • Emergency opening of doors and other locks
  • Repair and replacement of existing locks
  • Key duplicating / making
  • Opening / Replacing vehicle locks & ignition
  • Making new automotive keys
  • Installing new lock sets / deadbolts
  • Garage / Fencing lock installation & Repair
  • Gate lock installation
  • High security key systems & Keyless entry lock systems
  • Electronic access control
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